In the United States of America, 83 percent of single parent households are run by MOTHERS  Almost two-thirds of the single mothers are under the age of 30. 25 percent of children under the age of 18 are raised with ZERO support of fathers.

These are they types of statistics that keep me up all night trying to find the words to mend broken hearts, and in some cases, broken homes.  As I try to use my gift, to offer healing, hope, and support, I realize that the truth is, some of these families need MORE than words.  The average income for single mothers in the US is 36,000 dollars. More than half (51.9%) live in extreme poverty with incomes below half of the federal poverty level — about $9,900 for a family of three. This translates into a weekly family budget of about $200.

These numbers break my heart. So I have decided to use my gift, and the money I have made from it, to give back to the women who need help. So it is my pleasure to announce my new initiative, Working Woman Wednesday.  Each Wednesday, I will select one woman in need from the submission form below, and send her $50 to use as she sees fit.  No catches, no gimmicks, just LOVE.

Single mothers can nominate themselves, or if you know of a mother that is need, that’s not familiar with my work, or me, you can submit for her.  There is no deadline for submissions.  Each week, the winner will be announced at noon eastern on my site, and social media.  All submissions will be kept on file for the life of the program, so there is no need to re-apply each week.  Duplicate submissions WILL result in disqualification.  If you know a single mother in need, please fill out the form below completely, and lets put the help where it is needed.