Gold "Queens Don't Chase" Bracelet
Rose Gold "No More Boyfriends" Bracelet
The iconic No More Boyfriends hoodie is now available in seven different colorways. First select size then select color...
Queens Don't Chase with princess logo hoodie available in seven different colorways. First select size then select color
Dear Woman Hardcover (Collector's Edition)(Available only on Amazon)
 The best selling book by author Just Mike the Poet is now available in a hard cover version....
There's a war going on outside. Are you ready?  The No More Boyfriends Camo Jacket has been restocked....
“Royalty” Necklace
It's here! The “Royalty” necklace is available with an 18-inch chain. Order it in either the classic sterling silver...
4 Book Bundle (Just Words, Just Words 2, Dear Woman, The Boyfriend Book)
Get all 4 copies of my book signed by me.  Limited time offer.
Just Words
Educating, inspiring, and uplifting the lives of those whose stories are lived daily, but have yet to be...
Just Words 2
Keys Open Doors. Beneath this cover lies the key to allow you to open yours. The key to...
Dear Woman
Dear Woman is where poetry meets inspiration. This is a book of quotes, letters, short stories, and poems...
The Boyfriend Book
The Boyfriend Book. The newest collection of short stories, thoughts and poems from Just Mike The Poet.  In...
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